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Classification and application notice of crane
Add time:2017/04/27

Classification of cranes

Crane is a kind of machinery that can move vertically and horizontally in a certain range. Intermittent movement and operating cycle are the characteristics of crane. Common type: electric single or double beam, single girder and double girder cantilever, Longmen electric single girder suspension, single and double beam grab, explosion-proof single and double beam metallurgy, single and double beam crane, Longmen semi manual single girder, suspension bridge machine, etc..

Classification by use: General cranes, construction cranes, metallurgical cranes, railway cranes, port cranes, shipbuilding cranes, deck cranes.

According to the structure classification: bridge type crane, jib type crane, rotary crane, non rotating crane, fixed crane, crane operation, operation of crane and rail and trolley type.

Two, crane dumping reasons

1., the driver's work experience is not enough, ideological paralysis, after the installation of a good crane, for the lifting of objects can not be carefully examined and assessed the weight of the case, blind lifting.

2., the driver failed to work in violation of regulations, strictly abide by the technical specifications of the crane crane when lifting the technical parameters, resulting in the length of the arm is too long and the arm is too large, so as to lead to accidents.

3. lack of management of the vehicle management department, the lifting operation can not arrange for special on-site command.

4. truck crane does not have torque limiter device, which can not provide accurate technical parameters for the driver, so as to avoid the occurrence of such accidents.

Details of the 5. construction party failed to driver for hoisting objects (such as size, weight, etc.) when lifting the connecting arms still lie in the closed car, in the car before the driver could not lift from its detailed observation and estimate the weight.

Three, crane dumping prevention

1., strengthen the driver's safety operation regulations education, so that they can master the relevant skills.

2. for the special site of the project, need to be carried out by the lifting unit for detailed investigation and demonstration, and formulate detailed operation plan, also must arrange full-time personnel on-site command.

3., the moment limiter is added to the vehicle to fundamentally eliminate the safety hazard caused by overload.

4. before lifting, the driver must estimate the weight of each item, such as lifting, strictly prohibit lifting blindly.

5., the choice of lifting sites, we must choose no soft, subsidence and sewer covers and other flat hard open fields.

6., maintain good vehicle, ensure that the vehicle in good technical condition, especially to check the main arm, outrigger cylinder, support pad, variable cylinder and other parts, whether there are cracks, oil spills and so on.

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