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The function of crane maintenance
Add time:2017/04/27

Crane machinery and equipment in normal operation, the use of high frequency, there must be a certain degree of wear and tear, especially the parts of each connection parts, more or less there will be loose, oil deterioration, corrosion of materials and so on. Therefore, crane maintenance must be carried out on a regular basis, otherwise, the loss of machinery and equipment can not be estimated!

There are several functions for crane maintenance:

1. to crane maintenance, the most direct role, of course, is to ensure that equipment has maintained a good operating base, so that each part of the work is normal, improve work efficiency;

2. crane repair and maintenance, each part of the team is a part of protection, to avoid long-term maintenance, causing vibration, noise and other faults;

3., the crane maintenance, but also in line with relevant state regulations, according to standard work more smoothly;

4. regular lifting machinery maintenance, can very well extend the service life of equipment, in fact, is a cost saving performance. If the long-term maintenance, once the bad overhaul, will pay a greater price;

5., daily attention to crane maintenance and maintenance, to ensure that no errors in all aspects, in order to ensure the safe use of hoisting machinery and equipment, to ensure safety of personnel.

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