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Considerations for the use of small cranes
Add time:2017/04/27

Small crane size is not large, it seems that the general use of not so many rules, arbitrary operation, no problem. But work is not allowed to careless, especially with the lifting equipment to deal with, but also to be meticulous. Small crane operation, there are also matters needing attention.

1. before use, must carefully read the above safety matters, regular operation machinery.

2., before use, you must strictly check whether the parts of the machine is smooth, solid and safe.

3., mechanical belt fault operation is strictly prohibited.

4., when the goods lift to the required height, turn the arm should not force too much or too much, so as not to force too much impact on others.

5., strictly prohibit the elderly, children, patients and drunken operation machinery.

6., safe use of electricity, ensure good insulation of the motor, reliable grounding, can not be used in damp environment, to ensure that electric shock occurs.

7. before use, it is necessary to add lubricating oil to the reducer before starting.

8. when lifting heavy objects, the center of gravity of the object must be suspended so that the object is kept in balance and operated vertically.

9. work items prohibited to stand under the crane arm, hanging from the ground, the following personnel should timely escape, to avoid the accident.

10. wire rope should be considered wear rope head is fastened, is broken, broken wire pilling phenomenon, should be promptly replaced.

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